What is our minimum order?
We have a $75 minimum order and a $4.00 minimum line requirement.

What types of payment does Wink Fasteners Inc. accept?
We accept major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express) and once a company’s credit has been approved and our credit terms sheet has been signed, we offer Net 30 Day payment terms for orders over $250. Credit Application

How does Wink ship?
Wink uses double walled corrugated boxes to pack our parts in. We generally ship via UPS ground unless otherwise requested. We also use several LTL carriers for pallet shipments.

What is Wink Fasteners’ return policy?
Wink needs to authorize all returns or the shipment will be refused by the warehouse. We need to enter a return authorization in our computer system to notify the person receiving product. The restocking charge varies from product to product. Generally the re-stocking charge is 25-35% depending on our supplier’s policy. Specially made parts, however, have a 100% restocking fee once the material has been ordered.

Is Wink a manufacturer or distributor?
Wink Fasteners is a stocking distributor. We import product from overseas, purchase from domestic manufacturers, and buy from importers. Where the right product comes from depends on the lead time, part, specifications etc. We have sources that make small quantities for prototypes, as well as cold headers that produce thousands of pieces in a single run. We take your requirements into consideration when sourcing product!

How long does it take to ship an order?
We can ship parts we have in stock the same day they are ordered. Items that our suppliers have in stock generally take about 1 week to ship. We quote the lead time when we quote specials that have to be made.

Can Wink supply parts that have to be made to a print?
We can supply specials to your print or we may offer a similar part which may be easier to make or could be available off-the-shelf from one of our suppliers. Sometimes it makes sense to suggest a different material which may be more readily available.

What materials do you carry?
Our niche in the market is corrosion resistant fasteners. If you do not see what you are looking for in the materials sections, please do not hesitate to call us. We cannot cover every spec call out and every material easily. Having said that, if it is a carbon or alloy steel you need, Wink is not the right source!

Can Wink ship directly from our supplier to you?There are exceptions to most rules. We prefer to have the parts go through a Quality Assurance check here before shipping to our customers. We also have minimum order requirements with our suppliers which encourages us to combine our sales orders onto one purchase. Having said that, if you are in a life & death situation we would be happy to treat your special requirement as the special case that it is and figure out the best way to keep you alive! Again, before assuming we cannot solve your problem, give us a call.



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